Our TRAINED PETS are making Excellent Therapy Dog Prospects!


Prices are based on Pedigree and the type of  puppy you will be aquiring... 


Expect to pay  anywhere from $2500 -$4500  for an eight week old untrained English Golden Retirever puppy with AKC Registration.  


All of our puppies are of Show Quality with either  a Champion Sire, Champion parents, or Champion Lined Pedigrees. 



All of our puppieswe recommend staying with us until  at least 10-12 weeks of age for socialization with  their litter mates,  as this is a very important part of "PuppyHood" and to ensure they get fully vaccinated.  Sometimes as a New Puppy Owner, the shots they leave with are the only ones they receive till one day unexpectantly they end up at the Vet with Parvo or something that could have been prevented.


Our Training programs

*Puppies that will be utilized in pursuing therapy, companion, and service dog programs will require at least four weeks of  this additional training.  


Pet Dogs, often going home to a family, possibly with children and other pets, that type of dog will need to work more with children and other animals in their initial training.


Companion Dogs, may be for an elderly or even a child that does not qualify for a service dog, but the  training will be customized for each specific child.  


Therapy Dogs will be trained in local nursing homes or  health care facilites in order for them to learn the enviroment, smells, and sounds to better prepare them for their future talents!  



All of our Puppies are AKC  Registered.  If sold with Full AKC Registration, puppy will come with Unlimited AKC Registration papers at time of sale.  If sold as Pet Only,  a copy of the Sire & Dam's Pedigree will be mailed upon reciept of  Spay or Neuter Contract.


"Thank You so very much for looking at our ShowRIngGoldens Puppies...

They are a True Blessing!