First of all I would just like to say, "Thank you !or choosing to view our ShowRingGoldens!


Our Family takes great pride in our Puppies, bringing you and your Family  only the very best the Golden Retriever Breed has to offer.  Owing to Quality of Life, there is a lot that goes into the Importing of The Best Breeding Stock with the proven Health Records we all Deserve!  Not only You but the Quality of Life for your "New Familu Member!  Throughout their Top World Pedigrees, ShowRingGopldens are producing Healthy, Happy, vey easily trained, calm Puppies with the Temperaments so sought after.  Our Family knows how hard it is to lose a Loved one... it is a Lifetime Investment you can't hardly put a price on.





Here is how it all got started...

  Our Golden Journey begins in the summer of 1999, with our child's favorite movie, AIR BUD.  Of course, we had to have one of our own!  An American Golden Retriever named "Buddy".  Buddy was the largest male of the litter and the most handsome!  His thoughts were grand and his willing to please never faltered.  As he grew, his mane was that of a Lion's, he was our Protector, one of us, our Friend... Our Family spent many years as we watched his health fail him, as all there was to do but comfort him,  Our American Dream was sure fading...

  In the winter of 2009, after a long search for the healthiest backgrounds of Europe, we took a leap of faith and imported our Erinderry dog, Pannon Terra Eagle Eye, called  "Maya"!  After a careful selection,  she was in whelp by SK CH Koriander vd Beerse Hoeve when we imported her home here to the U.S.  Maya delivered a litter of the most beautiful white pups you have ever seen on that 1st day of March, 2010!  

  ShowRingGoldens is what I use to describe my dogs that come from Multi-Champion Lineages of Top World Pedigrees.  We will do everything there is to protect our puppy's heritage as well as their quality of health. Owing to their outstanding Pedigrees, we will specifically keep the English Cream Golden Retriever standard to its highest in our Breeding Program.  Our puppies are by design and our litters are paired owing to their background as it is a very important part in producing exceptional pups.


  Raising the puppies from birth to 15wks., in our home with Family,  is another important part.  A face wash in the morning, to a belly rub at night,  constant contact with our babies throughout the day will keep their temperments in check. We introduce new adventures daily for socialization at its best, then starting at 6wks, with their firsr Vacination,  the outside adventures can now take place. 


Even though you may not be looking for a Show Dog, a Pedigree will make all the difference when it comes to your Puppy's Temperment. 


Vaccinations have been introduced at 6wks. old before the puppy ever touches it's little paws on the grass outside.  Each of our puppies are  current  on vacciantions with current de-worming schedules, potty and leash trained are just some of the Extra's!  Your puppy will be ready for any adventure, when you go to the store will want one..."Where did you get him!"


Our European Golden Retrievers are a journey all their own. Exceptional Show Quality Champions with Outstanding Health Records.  We ensure success in soundness and health as well as showcase their natural beauty throughout their exceptioinal Pedigree by only breeding Top Quality Golden Retrievers.


We can help when choosing the Perfect Golden Retriever can find a Perfect Match!






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