WE LOVE our Goldens and you will too!

My "Buddy" Golden Retriever, the "World's Greatest Dog"! In Loving Memory of our AMERICAN GOLDEN RETRIEVER "BUDDY"...





YATES Pretty Girl "Mercedes" 





Kate & Bandi Male

"Mr. Pretty Boy"

British Type Golden Retriever-Briish Cream Golden Retriever-English Golden Retriever-Full English Golden Retriever-European Golden Retriever-English Creme Golden Retriever-English Cream Golden Retriever- White Golden Retriever-Champion Golden Retriever,




Franklin  TN , Brentwood TN,  Nashville TN ,  Knoxville TN, Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL , Asheville  NC, Statesville  NC, Charlotte NC, Reliegh NC, Miami FL, Charlottesville, VA, Phoenix, MD, Horsham PA, Jericho VT, Garden City, NY, Colorado Springs, CO, Gilbert, AZ, Warwick, New York NY, Hollywood CA, Denver CO, LasVegas NV, Tunica MS, Orlando FL, Daytona FL



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