Golden Retriever Imports of  Exceptional Quality!


 Guy Yates Farms are Family raising European Golden Retriever Imports with a Touch of Southern Charm in Ringgold, Georgia!

With over 20yrs. experience, Golden Retrievers are bringing our Family and yours Everything the Golden Retriever Breed has to offer.

We know how hard it is to lose a Loved One you treasure so dear, so at ShowRingGoldens we import our breeding stock with only Excellent Health Records and Clearances ensuring that your new addition comes with the Very Best chance of a long healthy Quality of Life.  Calm, very easily trained puppies... 


"When it comes to your puppy's Temperament, a Pedigree will make all the  



English Golden Retrievers, Trained Pets, Therapy Dogs, and Comfort Companions, making your Life and your Family's just a little bit easier! 


You Too can be, "Star of Puppy Class",  with a ShowRingGoldens Pre-Trained Golden Retriever Puppy.  


Our Exclusive Top Golden Retriever Imports of Top World Champions, Excellent Health Records, Lineages include but not limited to:  Erinderry, Xanthos, and Rus Pekos.  


 "Everyone deserves one of the World's Greatest Dogs"...


When you choose a ShowRingGoldens Puppy, you will know you are getting the very best that the English Golden Retriever Breed has to offer and you'll get what you pay for or 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!  


First and second picks of the litter come with Full AKC Registration, (which includes Unlimited Show and Breeding rights), these puppies are $3500 USD for an 8-10 wk. old untrained puppy. *Prior arrangements must be made to reserve one of these puppies*


"A Lot of love and care go into these Exceptional Dogs and they are Family too!"





View the Young Champion of Russia, Difiramb iz Solitsy Urala here in Russia:


A Special Dog deserves a Special Supplement...

and We Highly Recommend it!


More than mere vitamins, NuVet goes beyond industry standards by using only 100% all natural, human grade ingredients that are microscopically tested for purity and potency.




"To the Quality and Longevity of your Dogs Life!"




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This Supplement will Significantly reduce or eliminate health problems that strike your pet!

Scratching, Itching, Hot Spots, Allergies, Arthritis, Premature Aging, Low Energy Levels, Cataracts, Digestive Problems, Heart Disease, and
Tumors...that's why we make it part of our ShowRingGoldens Warranty!

"Our MoonDust Line, "AXLE"...Sire to "Pretty Boy" our Libby / Axle Male...

Puppies expected January 15th, 2015!!!

Taking Deposits Now!

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